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The Retina Not The Pearl (2019)
FBFX: High-resolution 3D body scanning


Body scanning has been at the core of our business since 2013. Born out of a desire to move away from traditional life-casting methods and to capture actors biometric data as part of a digital pipeline.

FBFX Digital has evolved now from those initial aims, working on award winning VFX projects, films and games, while always maintaining the same attention to detail and focus on the human form.


Our new purpose built studio gives our clients the space and flexibility to capture in a relaxed, creative environment and our team of artists can transform those scans into highly detailed animation ready assets.


Built in-house, our photogrammetry body rig allows us to capture detailed scans of the human form both in static and dynamic poses.


From high quality raw scan to animation ready asset, our team of artists love to push the boundaries of detail and realism.


Utilising the workshops robotic CNC mill we can realise our 3D scans at 1to1 or even larger scales for sculpture and garment scanning.

Female Hand Subsurface Scattering #2


Using our head rig we can supplement the detail of the body scanner by capturing ultra high resolution scans of the head and hands.

Female Hand Subsurface Scattering #1
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