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digital fashion

We have been developing our cloth simulation workflow for the past 8 years and with the addition of our 3D body and PBR material scanning, it enables us to deliver versatile, high-end 3D assets ready for the VFX, games, fashion and sportswear industries.


We also implement cloth simulation and digital pattern cutting as a costume prototyping tool for the fabricating side of our business, enabling us to quickly iterate designs and patterns before moving into real-word production.


photoreal asset

We deliver assets with realistic cloth dynamics and properties, thickness, stitch detail and PBR textures.

pattern cutting

All 2D drafting work is carried out by traditional pattern cutting specialists, ensuring clothing realism from start to finish.


Our clothing can be simulated on an animated avatar using MoCap data; from a simple catwalk, to an elaborate martial arts sequence. 

pbr scanning

Developed by our in-house engineers, FBFX’s bespoke PBR scanner captures materials in incredible, thread-level detail. Using 128 lights - 16 times industry standard - it scans fabric samples from the size of a postage stamp up to 30cm².

Replicated and tiled, assets can then be used by our texture artists for next-level cloth simulation. 

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