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body scanning

FBFX is a pioneer of body scanning in Europe, with photogrammetry at the core of our business since 2013. We initially developed the technology to create mannequins for costume making, in a radical departure from traditional life-casting methods. Scanning has subsequently become an essential tool for creatives and our client list features video games developers, fashion photographers, sculptors and filmmakers. 


With a purpose-built, flexible studio, ever-evolving rig and team of digital artists transforming scans into highly detailed, animation-ready assets, FBFX remains at the leading edge of scanning technology. 


capture studio

FBFX’s body and head rig is equipped with 238 high-resolution DSLR cameras, customisable for complex dynamic poses, objects and highly detailed costumes. It features bounced, cross-polorised lighting for optimal texture resolution.


From high-quality raw scan to animation-ready asset, our team of artists deliver incredible detail and realism.



With over 4,000 megapixel data capture, we deliver the highest fidelity skin texture with pore-level detail.


Using our workshop’s CNC milling robot, we can realise 3D scans at any size for mannequins, large scale art installations, models and masters for bronzes.

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