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object scanning

FBFX’s digital artists are footwear specialists. We’ve scanned thousands of trainers for every top brand, working on huge global releases and establishing ourselves as the premier footwear scanning company in the UK.


Our structured light scanning can be applied to any static object, from garments and accessories to antique furniture for restoration projects. 

capture studio

Developed in-house, our robotically controlled scanning system is the key to our fast, highly detailed 3D assets. ​ ​



Each trainer is taken through a pipeline developed over the last 5 years by our team of skilled artists using Capture Reality, Agisoft, ZBrush, Maya, Mari, Photoshop and Lightroom.

16k textures

Splitting the trainers means we can provide 16K textures per piece giving you the freedom to produce billboard sized renders.

in parts

Our trainers are separated into component pieces for the layout of clean UVs, to improve topology, increase texture detail and allow for better control over materials and shaders.

16K Textures (Trainer Textures)

vfx workflow

We deliver low poly models with 32bit floating point displacement maps, to keep your high resolution assets production friendly.

we're the best kept secret

Take a look at how our photoreal scans have been used in the latest campaigns.

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