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vfx-ready assets

FBFX has over a decade’s experience crafting VFX-ready digital assets that elevate visual storytelling for blockbuster films, AAA video games and award-winning ads.

With experts in character rigging, hair grooming and environment scanning, we deliver assets that seamlessly integrate into any project. 

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character rigging

Our character rigging and animation for film, gaming or virtual reality brings any character to life, whether it's a fully scanned human or a CG character.


Assets are ready to accept mocap data or be hand animated.

motion capture - coming soon

FBFX Digital uses the OptiTrack MoCap System for performance capture, with a 4x4 metre capture stage at our London studio.

Data can be cleaned up and applied to assets rigged by us, or supplied as data-only.


hair grooming

Using XGen Hair Grooming technology, our specialists offer exceptionally highly-detailed digital styles ready to be applied to CG models.



Using state of the art technology from the ground and the air, we capture environments and buildings of all sizes, producing exceptional results for mapping,

VFX and conservation projects.  

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